The Ultimate TV Watching Dilemma


Tonight is an important, landmark event in American culture.

It’s a night that will sway minds and change history.

It’s a crucial evening of essential viewing which no serious American can afford to miss.

I’m talking about Fashion’s Night Out!

That’s the night when every store in town holds a gala event filled with celebs, fashion notables, and crashers, designed to draw some glitzy attention and sell lots of merch.

It’s fab!

Unfortunately, it’s the same night the President is speaking at some convention or other, as someone told me while I was watching Honey Boo Boo Child last week.


Much as I’d have liked to see what Obama has to say, I do think it was very sloppy for him to schedule his speech at the same time as Fashion’s Night Out!

Couldn’t he have looked at the calendar and picked some other date?

Did he have to squelch the rights of fashionable Americans by forcing them into this unseemly bind–one between the earnestly urgent and the flamboyantly fabulous?

And I’m really surprised about this egregious gaffe, considering the First Lady has worked with ultra chic designers like the Toledos and Jason Wu.

If this is any indication of what Obama will bring to the White House for four more years, I’ll…vote for him anyway.

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