10 Best Sandwiches in New York


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Great sandwiches can be humble, flashy, delicate, gut-busting. What they have in common is that they’re built with care and made to carry. It’s a tough sandwich competition in New York, but from patty melts and lobster rolls to meatball parms and vegetable subs, here are my 10 favorites right now.

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10. Pork Slope / Porky Melt $6
Sometimes a trashy patty melt is just the thing. At Dale Talde’s Pork Slope, you’ll find two slices of marbled rye brushed with mustard hiding a squishy slab of sweet pork sausage, thick caramelized onions, and melted cheese. It’s a fine little sandwich, soft and greasy. 247 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-768-7675

9. Mile End / Beef on Weck $12
The fantastic Montreal-style deli serves a lovely roast beef, folding in the thin slices of rare meat with a touch of grated horseradish. The filling is great, especially packed inside the kummelweck — a hefty bun topped with caraway seeds and salt — which Mile End bakes in house. 53 Bond Street, 212-529-2990 (available on weekday afternoons only)

8. Red Hook Lobster Pound / Lobster Roll $16
The seafood shack on Van Brunt Street serves lobster in a warm J.J. Nissen roll, browned on the outside with a touch of butter. The big pieces of meat are sweet, cold, and fresh, dressed lightly in mayonnaise and topped with spring onions. It’s a simple lobster roll, but that’s exactly what makes it so good. 284 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, 718-858-7650

7. No. 7 Sub / Broccoli Sub $9
Tyler Kord does broccoli a real favor, pairing it with salted ricotta, crisp fried shallots, toasted pine nuts, and sweet-hot pickled lychees — an unexpectedly delicious touch. The subs from Caputo’s Bakery are slicked generously with mayonnaise and packed in tight, so that everything almost stays together as you work your way in. 1188 Broadway, 212 532-1680

6. Ferdinando’s Focacceria / Pannelle Special $6
Sicilian dishes are Ferdinando’s specialty, like this huge bun stuffed with golden leaves of pannelle — a creamy, fried chickpea-flour paste — then heaped with fresh ricotta and grated Pecorino Romano. The sandwich is placed in the oven for a just few minutes, until the whole thing is warmed through. 151 Union Street, Brooklyn, 718-855-1545

5. 606 R&D / Horse and Pig $9
This cheerful oasis on Vanderbilt Avenue fills thick slices of soft white bread with pillows of grated horseradish and a few slices of Benton’s bacon (which aren’t cooked too dark so they’re still pliable and full of flavor). The sandwich looks like a boring packed lunch, but it tastes truly special. 606 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-230-0125

4. Katz’s Delicatessen / Pastrami Sandwich $15.95
Part of the joy of Katz’s is waiting in line and watching as the old-timers behind the counter slice through the fatty, smoked meat to-order (we all have our favorite carvers, and mine offers me hot morsels of pastrami while I stare). Katz’s massive pastrami sandwich, with a side of pickles, is one of the city’s most reliable pleasures. 205 East Houston Street, 212 254-2246

3. Parm / Meatball Parm Hero $12
Parm’s version of the Italian-American classic is a thing of beauty: a browned patty of veal, beef, and Italian sausage that has been braised in tomato sauce, topped with house-made mozzarella, and lured into a hero from Parisi Bakery. The meat is tender and pink, and with every bite, there’s the perfume of basil and the savory sweetness of the tomatoes. 248 Mulberry Street, 212-993-7189

2. Cheeky / Shrimp Po’ Boy, $8.50
I love this charming little sandwich spot for its crackling hot shrimp po’ boy, dressed with shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and pickles, with all the condiments in exact proportion (including the lemon juice and Tabasco). Despite all these fillings, the sandwich is wonderfully light, thanks to the airy, New Orleans-style bread shipped up from John Gendusa Bakery. 35 Orchard Street, 646-504-8132 (cash only)

1. Saltie / The Scuttlebutt, $10
Caroline Fidanza and company make everything at Saltie with care, and their simple Williamsburg storefront puts together some of the most delightful sandwiches in the city — fresh, complex, and intense. Salty, too! The Scuttlebutt changes a little throughout the year, as the pickled vegetables and dressed herbs swap out for whatever is in season, but the core ingredients stay the same: a sweet and smoky pimenton aioli, slices of perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs, crumbled up feta cheese, black olives, and sharp capers. In a soft, house-made focaccia, it’s wonderful. 378 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-387-4777 (cash only)



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