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Obama Mentioned Gays Three Times Last Night!


President Obama’s speech was strong and confident, not only in the digs at Romney (who’s still convinced Russia is our number one enemy, zanily enough), but in its nods to LGBT people, who are usually invisible when it comes to vote-for-me orations.

Obama noted that gays aren’t responsible for our woes any more than any other group.
(Nor is Russia, lol.)

He thanked Americans as the reason “selfless soldiers won’t get kicked out of the military because of who they are or who they love.”

And he derided “Washington politicians who want to decide who you can marry.”

Inspiring stuff–and wonderfully inclusive.

Joe Biden‘s speech before that was stirring too–he was doing a great rabble rousing job, with fire and music–until he self-consciously changed gears, spoke softly and slowly, and sounded like he was trying to cry when talking about fallen American soldiers.

I know he’s sincere, I just found the theatrics heavy handed, especially since he’d been so effective before that.

Still, it was a great night.

I wonder if Romney watched or if he was too busy looking at Russia from Sarah Palin‘s window in Alaska.

Thanks to Rex Wockner for background help.

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