Pedaling for Roberta’s Anaconda Pizza


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On the way to Roberta’s in Bushwick, it’s worth taking a little time to bike around the neighborhood and see the street art (you’ll probably run into even more when you’re looking for a free spot to lock your bike).

The entrance is easy to miss, but the horde of people hanging around outside the door should clue you in. Be careful: A guy rolled out the front on a skateboard just moments before I walked in!

Draft beer ($6) in Ball jars is a great way to start (and finish) the evening.

I have never seen a prettier salad, much less one made of something often considered a weed. Creamy cheese complements the crisp purslane while blueberries add a nice sweet note ($12).

Roberta’s is best known for its pizzas, cooked in a wood-burning oven near the front door. No matter which of their cleverly named options you choose, you won’t be disappointed. I got the Anaconda ($17), made with Taleggio, watercress, and a fennel-y dry sausage.

If there’s room in your bag, be sure to grab a loaf of the homemade bread to go, so you can bring a taste of that wood oven home.

261 Moore Street, Brooklyn

L. Nichols is Brooklyn-based artist.