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Queens D.A. Explains Slap On The Wrist For Teacher Who Had Sex With 13-Year-Old Student


As we reported yesterday, a former teacher at a Queens junior high school pleaded guilty to charges that he repeatedly had sex with a female student, starting when the girl was just 13.

So, how long will this perv be in prison? Ten years? Twenty years? Try no years — he faces a maximum sentence of six months in county jail. Additionally, he can no longer teach and will be on probation for 10 years following his release.

Seems like a slap on the wrist, we know — the guy abused his position of trust as a teacher to exploit a young girl to satisfy his own sexual impulses. But the Queens District Attorney’s Office sees the plea deal it reached with convicted pervert Charles Oross. The D.A.’s Office has provided the Voice with the following explanation:

“The defendant was given the opportunity to plead guilty to the
top count of the indictment and to surrender his teacher’s license in
order to spare the young victim the ordeal of testifying at trial. The
plea and proposed sentence were discussed with the victim and her family
prior to today’s court appearance and they were in total agreement with
the proposed outcome of this case.  The defendant is now a convicted
felon and will be sentenced to six months of incarceration and ten years
of probation at his next court appearance.  He will also have to
register with the state as a sex offender for the next twenty years and
must successfully complete a sex offender treatment program.  Under the
circumstances, the proposed sentence is appropriate.”

That said, here’s what Oross did…

According to the initial investigation into the relationship Oross had
with the 13-year-old student, the sexual relationship started in January
2009, when the girl and Oross started meeting at the school every
morning at 6 a.m., before most of the other students and faculty got

The sex, investigators say, happened in the classroom, as well as in Oross’ car.

The relationship continued when the girl got to high school, but came to
a brief end when she started dating another boy — one her own age.

The teacher and the girl rekindled their old flame after Oross started
sending her emails and Facebook messages asking if they could meet —
which they did, and started having sex again.

Oross and the girl had sex again “10 to 14 times” in his car,
authorities say, when he would drive the two to secluded locations so
they could be alone — without pesky parents or wives to get in the way.

A few months later, the girl ended the relationship, telling Oross that she wanted to start hanging out with people her own age.

A few months later, the girl again started receiving Facebook messages from Oross — sort of.

The messages actually were from Oross’ wife, who was sending them as though she was her husband.

The trick didn’t work — the girl knew it was Oross’ wife, Wendy, but admitted that she’d had sex with Oross, anyway.

Oross’ wife confronted her husband, who admitted to having sex with the
young girl. She also confided in a friend that her husband was sleeping
with a child. The friend called police — Wendy didn’t go to authorities
until Oross broke his promise to end the relationship with the victim.

As we mentioned, Oross is only going to jail for a maximum of six months.

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