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Vitaly Borker, A Fraudster in His Own Category, Gets Four Years for Threatening Customers


Online glasses dealer and worst salesman ever Vitaly Borker, who memorably and appallingly threatened his customers when they had the gall to complain about his conduct, got four years in prison for his misdeeds, federal prosecutors said yesterday.

Borker, who liked the complaints because it bumped his google views numbers, could face more prison time, as he was arrested in June for possession of child porn.

The federal case generated this priceless headline, written by the flacks at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan: “OPERATOR OF LUXURY EYEWEAR WEBSITE SENTENCED IN MANHATTAN FEDERAL COURT TO FOUR YEARS IN PRISON FOR DEFRAUDING AND THREATENING CUSTOMERS.” Don’t you love the big city?

Borker, the Brooklyn-based head of “, had pleaded guilty in May, 2011 to two counts of making threats across interstate lines, one count of mail fraud and one count of mail fraud.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara offered a priceless quote: “Vitaly Borker was an Internet shopper’s worst nightmare. Borker operated behind the veil of the Internet and aliases to first defraud his victims and then, if they complained, terrorize them with threats, intimidation, and harassment.

Borker’s conduct attracted hundreds of complaints for advertising luxury eyewear, but sending his customers “defective, damaged, used counterfeit items” that he claimed he had purchased new, but instead had bought on E-Bay. Let’s pause and reflect on that for a moment.

Then, he would bill customers for phony “stocking and repair” fees. He never sent items. He didn’t reimburse folks for returned items.

When customers complained, he then went after them, sending aggressive obscene messages using pseudonyms, claiming he would use their personal information against them, and even threatening sexual and physical violence against them. He called one customer a “stupid bitch,”and a “cheap jew,” and threatened to “rape” her.
Boker sent emails to his customers’ co-workers claiming he had an affair with a customer, and claimed others were drug dealers.

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