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Would You Trust A Man In A Wig This Bad? | Village Voice

New York

Would You Trust A Man In A Wig This Bad?


I wouldn’t even buy a used car from him, let alone political wisdom.

But maybe it’s not a toupee after all.

It’s possible a raccoon simply collapsed on his head and he’s leaving it there till spring, just in case it’s still alive and might bite.

I searched online for some confirmation on the whole matter and only got this:

“Does Chuck Norris wear a wig?

No, the wig wears him.”

Good answer!

But either way, at least Clint Eastwood proudly sports whatever’s left of his own ratty hair–and he still has a career!

Still, what’s up with old former action stars who went from vigilante heroes to tormentors of the oppressed?

With weird hair.

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