3 Sugar-Filled Breakfasts: Summer’s Over, So Who Cares About Being Healthy?


With summer officially over, there’s no longer a reason to sacrifice savory sweets for a beach body. And because breakfast is the “the most important meal of the day,” morning-inspired munchies have found a home on Manhattan’s dessert menus–making waffles, crepes, and donuts twice as nice. Here are three options for you.

1. Waffle Breakfast at The Soft Serve Fruit Co
If dairy-free, gluten-free, fat-free, and cholesterol-free Soft Serve Fruit (simply made of fruit, filtered water, and organic cane sugar) sounds too healthy for dessert, have no fear. The choices here–including banana, apple, dark chocolate, and cranberry flavors–are a surefire way to sweeten the deal. Atop a hot Belgian waffle with maple syrup and choice of toppings (whipped cream, nuts, honey, carob, and chips, to name a few), there’s no reason to start or end the day on an empty stomach. ($5.75) 1371 Third Avenue (at 78th Street), 212-794-2200 and 25 East 17th Street (at Broadway), 212-675-0550

2. Famous Original Donut Ice Cream Sandwich at Holey Cream
M&Ms, Nutella, S’mores, PB cup, and–in true breakfast fashion–Fruit Loop hand-dipped donuts ($1.95 each) make this Hell’s Kitchen hole in the wall anything but an ordinary ice cream shop. With options ranging from Peanut Caramel Cookie Dough (all one flavor) to Pretzel (don’t worry, they have standard choices as well), there’s no denying the cash-only creamery’s custom specialty: the Ice Cream sandwich. In six easy steps (painted on the wall), diners build dream desserts by picking a donut flavor, dipping it in a vat of vanilla or chocolate icing, generously placing toppings, slicing the donut in half, packing three large scoops of ice cream… and finally indulging ($6.97 with regular ice cream; $7.57 with homemade flavors). Want to wear your PJs? Opt for breakfast in bed–they deliver! 796 Ninth Avenue (between 52st and 53nd Streets), 212-247-8400

3. Hazelnut Cream Banana Toffee Crepe at Max Brenner
It may be a French specialty, but the Chocoholic bald man knows that crepes–and breakfast goods in general–are best served for dessert. A syringe of chocolate ($5.39) will get anyone’s day off to an upbeat start, but among a full-sized sweets menu (fondue, chocolate pizza, cakes, and shakes), the crepe remains a sinful staple. The delicate, crispy, yet doughy dish with bananas (potassium), nuts (protein), caramel ice cream (milk), and chocolate (more milk), make the crave-worthy crepe ($13.95) the essential addition to a balanced breakfast (or late night nosh) for anyone with a sweet tooth. No cereal box toy for grabs here–but the chocolatier causing customers to feel like giddy kids? Almost guaranteed. 841 Broadway (between 13th and 14th Streets), 646-467-8803

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on September 8, 2012


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