New York

Two Subway Deaths in Manhattan and Brooklyn Last Night


This is always the worst kind of news to report for you: yesterday, within an hour of each other, two separate men died by being hit by subway cars.
The first fatality came at around 12:15am; according to the Post, a man was killed immediately by a Manhattan-bound L train at the East 105th Street stop. As soon as police officials and ambulances arrived at the scene, the victim was declared dead upon impact.
Then, less than an hour later, a homeless man laid down on the tracks at West 23rd Street and 8th Avenue and was hit by a southbound 2 train. Police are unsure whether or not the homeless man had done it on purpose but he was declared dead on the scene as well.
And it turns out that Chelsea stop was also the site of yet another death just earlier that day: at around 4pm, a man was hit by a southbound E train at the exact same location, except police officials told the press on the scene that it was “looking like a suicide,” unfortunately. Emergency paramedics and firefighters swarmed the station in broad daylight, leaving many bystanders confused and horrified.


Let’s hope that these three deaths are just a terrible coincidence and not the beginning of a deadly trend.

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