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New York Fashion Week SS13: Liberty Ross Models at Alexander Wang’s Glow-in-the-Dark Show; Edun Attracts Alicia Keys, Michael Stipe, Gina Gershon, and a Couple of Strokes


“Alicia! Alicia! Over here!” shouted the front-row photographers at Alicia Keys, who had just arrived at Moynihan Station to see the EDUN show. Decked out in sunglasses, a white blouse, and white jeans with black tuxedo stripes, she pulled another woman with long brown hair into the shot.

“Who’s that?” one photographer asked another.

It was none other than Ali Hewson, the co-founder of EDUN who is probably best known for being married for 30 years to Bono. Though the U2 frontman was nowhere in sight, other celebrities in attendance included Gina Gershon, Michael Stipe, and Fab Moretti and Albert Hammond Jr. of the Strokes.

Hewson and Bono started EDUN in 2005 as an ethical brand that aims to bring about positive change by making much of its clothing in Africa or from fabric sourced in Africa. Of course, good style is also a focus, and designer Sharon Wauchob showed more than a few lovely dresses and skirts in floral-print chiffon and washed silk that were so light and airy they almost floated down the runway.

Mixed with the feminine pieces were tough military looks, including olive-green jackets and vests and shiny cargo pants with sheer panels. Overall, the collection was full of great basics to pull from one’s suitcase and layer on cool summer evenings. In other words, it was ideal for the globetrotting woman (i.e., someone like Bono’s wife).

Anyone who received a white invitation to Alexander Wang’s show would have had a hint as to what the big surprise finale would be. If she happened to be staring at it in the dark (which she probably didn’t), she would notice that it actually glowed.

Wang, the young designer who can do no wrong by the downtown crowd, used Tron as his inspiration for a futuristic collection of black, silver, and white clothes. The models wore almost no makeup and their hair was done in long, low ponytails with bizarre strips in the center. Always experimenting, he sliced hockey jerseys into what he called “zebra mesh” and used a textured eyelet embroidery on board shots. The sure-to-be most-wanted items were the dresses at the end with skin-revealing panels that seemed to hover over the body thanks to the invisible fishline piecing them together.

Taking it all in from the front row were rapper A$AP Rocky (who also attended Wang’s store opening in Beijing earlier this year), the weirdos of Die Antwoord, and, towering over everyone, the Knicks’s Tyson Chandler. Though the biggest surprise of all was in the show: model Liberty Ross, the wife of Kristen Stewart’s lover, Rupert Sanders. (According to The Cut, Ross also attended the after party, where a photo of Stewart and Robert Pattinson flashed on the screen during an aggressive number by Die Antwoord.)

Toward the end, the lights went out on a group of models and those funny strips in their hair glowed along with their dresses to much applause from the audience. We are sad to report that invitations were not waved around like glow sticks.


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