The Five Best Celebs To Interview


A journalist I know has grilled even more top-drawer stars than I have, so I asked him for his five faves–the ones who play the Q&A game with so much smarts and appeal that you long to shove a tape recorder right up in their face and watch them go at it.

Here are his choices:

(5) George Clooney

“He’s not just there to hawk a movie, tell you banal stuff, and make money. Clooney will delve deep into the filmmaking process while also talking up his beliefs and causes. A real charmer.”

(4) Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

“They always seem open about their neuroses, and this year while doing press, Stewart admitted she verged on vagueness last time around, when she talked way too fast. This time, she was determined to make things crystal clear. Both she and Pattinson give the impression that they’re telling you everything, even if they’re not telling you much of anything, and there’s a real art to that.”

Alas, I doubt they’ll be doing any more joint interviews, needless to say.

(3) Michael Caine

“He’s a real raconteur, with lots to tell, and even if you’re sitting there thinking, ‘I can’t really use this,’ you’re entranced by his storytelling skills. Michael Caine has done everything and met everyone, and he’s willing to tell you about it. A fun way to spend a half hour.”

(2) Diane Kruger

“She always makes you feel like you’re simply having lunch with a friend. She’s open and honest and seems to turn interviews into glorified therapy sessions. But when you ask something silly, she’ll wisely raise a brow and say, ‘How am I supposed to answer that?’ “

(1) Meryl Streep

“Meryl is savvy and delightful and even if she’s been asked the same question 20 times in a row, she makes it seem like she’s answering it for the first time, coming up with a fresh reply for each person. She’s a genius and applies the same originality to her interview skills as she does to her acting choices.”

Ooh! Can’t wait to Q her A.

Maybe she’ll even do an accent and some prosthetics for me.

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