Harlem Dog-Beater Busted; Alleged Dirtbag Identified As Brian Freeman


We’re happy to report that the man who beat a defenseless dog in a Harlem elevator last month has been identified and currently is in police custody.

The alleged dirtbag is 28-year-old Brian Freeman, of the Bronx. Authorities say he was identified after his father-in-law dropped the dog off at an animal shelter last month. After shelter workers noticed the pooch was similar to the dog featured in surveillance footage of the beating released by police last week, they called the cops.

See video of the senseless beating below — warning: it will make you want to do unspeakable things to Mr. Freeman.

The beating happened in an elevator at the Wagner Houses on East 120th Street on August 26.

As you can see in the video embedded below, Freeman
repeatedly kicks and slaps the dog, all as the pooch cowers in an
attempt to get away from this piece of human garbage.

Freeman’s bail has been set at $3,500. As of this writing, he’s still in police custody — where it’s probably in his best interest to remain.