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Martha Stewart Moves Content to Hulu | Village Voice


Martha Stewart Moves Content to Hulu


Good news for Martha fans: Three Martha Stewart Living shows launched on Hulu and Hulu Plus yesterday, and more episodes will become available every Monday.

Once “From Martha’s Kitchen,” “Emeril’s Table,” and “DIY Crafts” wrap up, Hulu will begin to unveil more stuff from the archive (over 15,000 how-to videos, many of them covering cooking and entertaining). It’s an interesting move for Stewart, whose series, “The Martha Stewart Show,” was canceled by the Hallmark Channel earlier this year.

In an interview with Hulu’s associate editor about launching the content online, Stewart also talks about how Jeff Bridges taught her to make pottery, David Letterman is “a stick in the mud,” and her desire to act in movies.

Meanwhile, Stewart’s new series, “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School,” will be debuting on PBS in October. The show will be set up similarly to the book of the same name, focusing on one technique per episode. So instead of decorating elaborate Easter eggs and folding crepe paper into pom poms, Stewart will get back to basics.

Braising, roasting, and frying her way back into our hearts?

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