Mountain Dew Wants You To Continue Doing the Dew Despite Bloomberg’s Proposed Soda Ban


Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban has been a recent source of controversy that has generated a lot of community backlash. Mountain Dew, in partnership with the New York Art Department, has challenged the recent discussion with a series of prohibition posters that have been installed on various streets throughout New York City.

The New York Art Department wrote on their blog:

As we started playing around with the brand’s vintage soda bottles and cans, a different conversation around soda began picking up momentum in the city: A proposed city-wide ban on drinks larger than 16oz. We dismissed it at first but, as the topic gained steam, we thought: “What next, back to Prohibition… ?”

The posters were put up September 5, and they sport Mountain Dew’s original “wave” logo of the ’70s and ’80s.

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