The Most Startling Thing I’ve Ever Read On Facebook


Usually, Facebook is a place for laughs, rants about Madonna, innuendo-laden images, self-promotion, and sarcasm, but a guy just left this way more serious posting about his terrible interactions with his relations:

“We are not family. Never was. Never will be.

“I will not stand behind an African American family in 2012 that does not support gay rights in America, nor shall I allow my absentee father [to] allow family members to ridicule me and still consider me family.


“I stand up for what I believe in.

“I am a homosexual that was molested for over a decade by a registered sex offender and also by an Olympic Gold Medalist from age 5 to 14.

“I have retained my statement as the truth and I speak up for abused victims.

“I do not care what any [one] thinks about me.

“I know it’s shameless but I have a story to tell.

“I have a message to send that it is not okay and never will be okay.”

Tell it!

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