Attention, New Jersey: Water Is Supposed To Be Clear


When you travel overseas, it’s often advised that you only drink bottled water, don’t get ice in your drinks and avoid drinking water while brushing your teeth or showering because foreign water — in many cases — is disgusting. It’s become painfully clear that the same warning should apply to anyone who travels over the Hudson River — because the water in New Jersey is disgusting…again.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey issued an alert this afternoon that travelers at Newark International Airport avoid drinking any water at the airport because…(wait for it) the water coming out of the taps is currently brown.

The Port Authority offers no explanation for the brown water — and none is needed other than the obvious: it’s New Jersey.

Earlier this year, residents in the Chadwick Island section of Toms
River were getting pretty grossed out when their tap water turned green.
However, the New Jersey American
Water Company claimed that the water was perfectly safe to drink — it’s
just a little green. The problem, the company says, is just high levels
iron in the water.

Again, there’s no explanation for the brown
water at the airport, and it’s unclear whether it poses any health
risks. Regardless, do yourself a favor and don’t drink the water in New
Jersey — it’s disgusting.