Barney Frank’s Coming Out Story Hits The Press


Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay is Paul Vitagliano‘s imminent book which compiles various people’s remembrances of being young and different.

In it, there’s the above 1953 photo of outspoken Congressman Barney Frank as a boyish thing, alongside his parents and some very literate cake in Bayonne, New Jersey.

So cute!

So bah mitzvah-licious!

In the accompanying piece, Barney tells the story of how he had a normal and happy life growing up.

But when the boys passed around cards with pictures of naked women on them, Barney felt nothing.

He thought he was asexual.

He later realized he was homo-sexual.

Buy the book and find out what happened next, but as you know, he eventually exploded out of the closet and all over Washington and now says, “Since coming out, I’ve found everything I need to live a happy life.”

Me too!

And I have own two-pager in the book, acompanied by the following photo of me at the 1964 World’s Fair.

So cute!!

What the hell happened?

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