Chris Brown’s New Tattoo Looks Like A Battered Woman


The bruised lady on his neck looks like a representation of that horrific photo of Rihanna after she was beaten to a pulp and left in the dirt by Brown himself.

Did Chris just think it was a cool tattoo?

Or is he making some kind of statement about the horrors of abuse?

I sincerely hope it’s the latter, but unfortunately Chris can’t see the tattoo–only other people can.

And if it’s a cautionary image, he’s the one who needs to see it!

Hey, maybe he’s wearing it as a sort of calling card–you know, “Remember me? I’m the guy who beat up my girlfriend!”

Wait, Brown’s people just told the Daily News the tattoo is not a battered woman at all.

It’s a “sugar skull” representing the Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead.

Oh, that’s better.


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