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NYC Firefighters, Kim Kardashian, And A Pig All Came Out For Fashion Week


Check out my ultra chic new column, which is fringed, dimpled, scalloped, and low-hanging enough to cover your knees, but not so low that your Louboutins don’t show.

It’s a riotous romp through the marvelous mayhem of Fashion’s Night Out, where I met all the chi-chi personalities du jour like that enduring icon Miss Piggy who, it turns out, is not a porker at all.

She’s lost weight and looks hotter than ever in her swag couture!

And her mouth is as stuffed with saucy bon mots as moi imagined!

At the same event were various hunkily heroic NYC firefighters–they’re shirtless in a new Patrick McMullan calendar–who mercifully didn’t try to put out this flamer and who nobly indulged my expected array of “hose” jokes.

To catch up with Piggy, firefighters, and Donna Karan at the same event was head spinning–and that was just the beginning.

I later made it to events featuring reality stars, a music legend, and swarms of fashionistas stampeding for free champagne and a glimpse of Kim Kardashian, and I miraculously stayed dry the whole night.

Check out the column. It’s the fashionable thing to do.

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