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Random Ass-Stabbing Leaves Queens Man Bloody, Confused | Village Voice

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Random Ass-Stabbing Leaves Queens Man Bloody, Confused


We’ll spare you the “better watch your ass” puns and get right to the point: there’s a random ass-stabber on the loose in New York and he’s already claimed one victim.

As you can see in the video above, the man in the white shirt walks up to a man in line at a deli in the Forest Hills section of Queens and repeatedly stabs him in the ass. The suspect then runs out of the store.

It makes literally no sense.

The victim — who needed minor medical attention — reportedly doesn’t know the man who stabbed him, nor does he know why his ass was targeted.

The ass-stabber may have done time — the stabbing resembles your average prison shanking that would make even Adebisi proud.

The ass-stabber remains on the loose.

Anyone with information about the random ass-stabbing is asked to call police.

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