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The Blonds Make A Splash For Fashion Week


As always, the Fashion Week place to be was the Blonds show at Milk Studios (part of MADE Fashion Week), where a glitzy crowd thrilled to the array of bouncy bodices laced with stars, beads, flowers, and other adorable adornments.

The models tended to look like walking chandeliers, strutting lipstick tubes, and other enviable objects d’art.

The fast paced effect was like a meteor covered in glitter that shot from the skies right up into your face.

And Phillipe Blond topped it all off by sporting a chic version of “Jaws” jutting out of his midsection. (See photo below.)

In the crowd, Paris Hilton and Adam Lambert were beaming, while Amanda Lepore looked utterly sensible in a floor-length condom dress.

“I wanted it to be more see-through,” Amanda admitted, “but I feel feminine–and safe.

“The designer put silicone into the dress.”

Just like the designer of Amanda’s body!

As for me?

I wore my green, scaly coat, and told at least five reporters, “I dressed like a dinosaur, but I’m relevant!”

Illustration: EWALT

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