What’s Liza Queen Up To at Potlikker?


A marvelous plum salad, for one thing . . .

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Liza Queen is one of the city’s most unusual chefs. When she opened Queens Hideaway eight years ago on Franklin Avenue in Greenpoint, she set the street on a juggernaut path this is still evolving today. Her cooking was both uneven and exciting at the same time, taking wild chances where most chefs would have been content to stand pat. Her new Williamsburg venue is Potlikker, and the menu is crazier than ever. Here’s a peek.

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5. Chilled Plums, Lemon Cucumbers, Radishes, and Black Sesame Seeds in Lemon-Ginger Vinaigrette (above) — This salad is really, really, refreshing, and dense enough to almost be a main course.

4. Peaches Roasted in Duck Fat, Shallot Agrodolce, Chicken Liver Mousse, & Crostini — Yes, it’s just the usual chicken liver app, but the accountrement make it and you feel special.

3. Brick Chicken With Corn Custard Topped With Shave Summer Truffle & Sweet Lettuces With Blueberry-Vanilla Vinaigrette — Double yum for chicken and corn custard, and you can easily ignore the blueberries rolling around on your plate.

2. Yellow Melon, Heirloom Tomatoes, Bush Basil, Mint, Lemon Verbena, Wild Rocket, and Benton’s Bacon — As W.B.Yeats once said, “It’s certain that fine women eat, a crazy salad with their meat.” Never more true than here.

1. Dutch Pancake With Wildflower Honey, Goat Cheese, & Thyme — For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this extravagant inflated concoction can’t be beat.

338 Bedford Avenue
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

And one more…

0. Tartlette Square Topped With Confit Beef Tongue and Corn Salad — Confused by the wild juxtapositions? Eat each delectable element separately.