New York City Health Board Passes Bloomberg’s Soda-Ban Proposal


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UPDATE: The ban does not include convenient stores. 7-Eleven will not be affected, and Big Gulps will still be sold.

The New York Board of Health has passed Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s soda-ban proposal today.

The Board of Health voted 8-0-1 (one abstention) to approve the ban. It will go into effect in March unless stopped. Sales of sugary drinks in more than 16-ounce cups will be officially prohibited. The plan affects NYC restaurants, street carts, stadiums, and movie theaters. Convenience stores (including 7-Eleven) and vending machines will not be affected.

Mike Grynbaum, a New York Times reporter, broke the news on his Twitter feed:

The NYC Board of Health has approved a ban on the sale of large sodas & other sugary drinks at city restaurants, street carts & stadiums.

According to Grynbaum, most of the board members were in favor of the vote. He tweeted earlier this morning: “‘I can’t imagine the board not acting on another problem that is killing 5,000 people per year,’ says Joel Forman, a member voting ‘yes.'”

Grynbaum also indicated that the health department received 32,000 comments in support of the plan and 6,000 comments opposed. The Times reported recently that the soft drink industry has spent more than 1 million dollars so far fighting the plan.

But according to Fox News, this isn’t the last word on the proposal. A soft-drink-industry-sponsored group called New Yorkers for Beverage Choices says it has gathered more than 250,000 signatures on petitions opposing the soda plan. They are also considering a lawsuit for challenging the plan if it passes.

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