One in Five People Spend More Money on Cell Phones Than Food


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Would you rather spend money on food or your cell phone bills?

According to a recent survey sponsored by, one in five Americans would rather spend money on the latter. The survey found that 21 percent Americans dish out more money for their bills each month than on groceries. Business Insider reported that of the 59 percent of consumers who pay more than $100 for their cell phones, 13 percent drop more than $200 per month.

“Mobile phones are ingrained in our everyday lives, but their high costs can do damage to a monthly budget,” Jackie Warrick, president at said. “Many mobile phone owners are now revisiting their plans and looking at ways to cut back.”

According to Time, the USDA estimates that a family of four spends between $550 and $1,250 per month on food. Hopefully families aren’t paying more than that for cell phone plans.