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Planned Parenthood’s Worried About Money Problems (As Explained In $4.6 Million Ad Campaign Bashing Mitt Romney)


Planned Parenthood is worried that a Mitt Romney presidency would leave the group strapped for cash — and it’s explaining the potential predicament by spending more money on political attack ads bashing Romney than it’s ever spent before.

We’ll repeat: Planned Parenthood is concerned about potential money problems. It’s solution is to spend millions of dollars on an ad campaign.

The group has now spent roughly $4.6 million on ads bashing Romney in
swing states like Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Iowa, which is the most
money it’s spent on a political campaign in its history.

The ads focus on Romney’s opposition to Roe V. Wade and his supposed plan to cut funding for the group.

Again, the bill for the ad buy is now at $4.6 million.

Parenthood receives about one-third of its funding from the federal
government, but none of that money is being used to fund the ad blitz —
the group also has a privately funded PAC that’s footing the bill for
the ads.

In 2009 and 2010, Planned Parenthood’s budget was more
than $1 billion. About $320 million of that came from federal grants or
reimbursements. By law, none of that money is used for abortions —
which is the real issue here, and only makes up about three percent of
what the group actually does.

In any event, there’s probably a
better way for the group to save some cash — like putting nearly $5
million in its coffers and not blowing it on political attack ads.


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