Reichen From A-List Goes On A Tear Against Bitchy Gays Who Criticized Him


I think I was one of the more reasonable writers when it came to analyzing Logo’s A-List: New York.

I had my complaints, but mainly said that for true equality, gays have a right to their own trashy reality shows just like everyone else.

But looking back at the mountain of self-righteous scorn the show got, Reichen Lehmkuhl is on a rampage.

Asked by gay.net‘s Brandon Voss what he’ll do next, here was his answer:

“As much as I will miss the illustrious and fabulous life of an ‘A-list reality star,’ being public, being subject to the small but progressive, loud and proud, ‘gay-hate and take-down-other gays’ judgment machine…

“…and being the target of gossip from the flawless corps of amazingly accomplished, secure, sassy, role model bloggers–and don’t forget the very brave commenters on those blog stories; all winners–of the gay media hate-o-sphere…the dignity department of my soul tells me that it’s time for a new direction.

“I will, of course, also miss having the few worst moments of my life put on screen each week, with all 900 recorded hours of my best, positive, happy, benevolent, successful, charitable, fun, and loving moments vanishing, hidden as if they didn’t exist, and swiftly deleted from any sort of public view whatsoever.

“I’ll also miss having people who have never been on a reality show tell me that they think reality TV depicts people just as they are.

“But believe it or not, I don’t actually crave all that glitz and glamour, and I am heading to law school for a few years.

“I have some dreams I need to fulfill, and it’s time. I’ll leave the former–for now–to someone else who might be hungry for all those experiences that go along with the intoxicating fame of a gaylebrity. I’m always here to give advice to hopefuls.”

Seems like some of that gay hate was justified, but it probably should have been directed at the editing process.

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