Dumpling Eating Contest Saturday in Williamsburg Benefits Charity


How many of these could you knock back?

Tomorrow dumpling manufacturer Chef One will sponsor a dumpling eating contest at Smorgasburg, located at North 6th Street and the East River in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Food Bank For New York City, and if you think watching a hot dog eating contest is fun, you’ll find that contestants can eat just as many slippery dumplings. Presumably, chewing in not part of the process. In fact, last year the winners ate 69 and 37 dumplings, respectively, in the male and female categories of competition. Gals, get going!

Last year the contest netted $44,200 for the Food Bank, which furnishes 230,000 meals per year to assist 1.4 million people, principally through soup kitchens and food pantries. First place winner this year will receive $1000, second place $500, and third place $300.

Tomorrow the event runs from 1pm to 4pm. An online contest invites you to guess the number of dumplings that the winners will eat. Visit the website or call 718-744-6999 for further information.

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