Here’s The Contact Info For LI School Officials Who Fired Beloved Autistic Janitor


A man with autism was fired from his job as a janitor at a Long Island school earlier this year after a brief outburst panicked bureaucratic school officials. Those officials decided last night to not give him his job back — despite overwhelming calls from students and parents to do so.

Given the circumstances of the firing — and the fact that 45-year-old Wantagh Union Free School District janitor Mel Turner seems like a hell of a guy — we’ve decided that perhaps school officials could use a little (ahem) encouragement to do the right thing. So, we’re publishing their email addresses and phone numbers with the hope that faithful Voice readers will bombard them with requests to stop being such by-the-book jerks about the whole thing.

See a video explanation of Turner’s firing below (compliments of WABC).

As you can see in the video, Turner’s getting a pretty raw deal. Below is a list of people you can contact if you think it’s time for school officials to untie their bureaucratic hands and give this guy back his job.

* Superintendent Philip D’Angelo:


* Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Dr. Maureen Appiarius


* Assistant Superintendent for Business Dana DiCapua


Give ’em hell, Voice faithful!