New Jersey Town Has A Bit Of A Swastika Problem


A New Jersey town currently has a problem that isn’t directly related to it’s simply being located in New Jersey: swastikas.

Last week, residents of Manalapan woke up to find at least a dozen swastikas and other hateful symbols scribbled on the sides of residential fences and buildings on one of the town’s main drags.

In one case, the words “Kille the Jews” was spray-painted on the side of a fence.

Considering Manalapan is home to tens of thousands of Jewish families, the graffiti hasn’t been well received.

Manalapan, however, isn’t the only town in the Tri-state area dealing
with a swastika problem — as we reported in June, Jewish neighborhoods
in Brooklyn also have been hit by assholes who just can’t keep their
hate and ignorance to themselves.

At least six buildings in Boro Park — a predominantly
Orthodox Jewish neighborhood — were targeted by antisemitic

One swastika was discovered on a synagogue by two men who were going to pray.

Aside from the synagogue, swastikas also were discovered
on the side of a deli, a school, and other buildings in the

At several of the locations, surveillance cameras captured two men —
who appear to be in their 20s — spray-painting the buildings.

So, if you’re the dirtbags tagging buildings with swastikas, knock it off. If you know the dirtbags tagging buildings with swastikas, call the cops.

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