Two Gay-Friendly GOPers In Primary Trouble; Homophobes Claim Victory


We’re sad to report that two of the four Republican state lawmakers who voted in favor last year of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s gay marriage bill might not be headed back to Albany following yesterday’s primary — and “traditional marriage” advocates see this as a big victory.

When the Legislature passed the gay marriage bill, it needed the support of at least some Republicans in the Senate. It found that support in Senators Jim Alesi, Roy McDonald, Steve Saland and Mark Grisanti. Because of their votes to give gay people the right to tie the knot, they became targets for more Conservative members of the Republican Party — and two of them are awaiting absentee ballots to determine who won their primaries.

McDonald and Saland each trail their far-right-wing opponents by a
handful of votes, while Grisanti easily won his primary. Alesi didn’t
seek re-election.

groups dumped tons of cash into the campaigns of the pro-gay-marriage
candidates. The homophobes, far-right-wingers claim, relied on
“grassroots” campaigning — which is why they’re now claiming victory.

“I don’t think that any Republican in New York State should ever take
for granted those social issues. And essentially that’s what they did,”
traditional marriage advocate Rev. Jason McGuire told the New York Times.

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