Best Posts of the Week! Guy Fieri Fever, Wine Bars, and Strudel


Our week in food:

I headed to a posh Kosher spot in Soho for my weekly review while Robert checked in on Liza Queen in Williamsburg and visited the oddly named Urbanspace Meatpacking, where he found some hits and misses.

Did you miss the awesome guest appearance from Nick Greene? Our web editor filed a hilarious, detailed report after his visit to Guy Fieri’s new restaurant in Times Square. He searched high and low for Guy, contemplated the meaning of his celebrity, and got a taste of “Donkey Sauce”.

Lauren explained what makes a great wine bar and shared her 5 favorites in the West Village, offering us great tips on what to order at each one (expect more neighborhoods soon!). Meanwhile, Eric chewed on Bear Republic’s Californian’s rye and found it packed with an “onslaught of flavors, from floral to wood to fruit to I DON’T EVEN KNOW.”

Clarissa brought us the news that the Board of Health approved that ban on the sale of large sodas at restaurants, street carts, movie theaters, and stadiums. She also showed us how to make the Russian Tea Room’s apple strudel.

L, our well-fed artist, pedaled to Billy’s and illustrated a taste of Louisiana: fluffy red velvet cake with boiled frosting.

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