Possibly Drunk Driver Crashes Into Shuttle Van Outside Radio City Music Hall


Racing up Sixth Avenue at 5 in the morning will usually leave you in a heap of trouble, either with the passengers or with the police. Or, in this case, it could lead to disastrous consequences, like crashing into the side of a hotel shuttle van right outside of the famous Radio City Music Hall on 50th Street.

Apparently, a Mercedes-Benz was booking it down Sixth Avenue and steamrolled right through a red light, leading to complete full-on impact with the hotel shuttle bus. Soon after, parts of the avenue were shut down as police investigated the scene. The five passengers in the shuttle bus were taken to nearby hospitals to be treated for non-life-threatening conditions; however, reports say that two were left in critical condition.

Witnesses told protesters that the bystanders on Sixth Avenue at this time of the night helped lift the turned-over van in order to save a passenger that was pinned underneath. Others recollected the accident as the “loudest explosion” and heard screeching coming from the scene.

Police believe that the Mercedes-Benz was, as mentioned before, racing another car, but this has not been confirmed. The driver, on the other hand, was taken by the police back to a station on the suspicions of a DUI. However, these charges are still pending as the cops investigate just exactly what happened on this strange Saturday night.