Get Your Tickets And See Photos Of The Alinea + Eleven Madison Collaboration


Tickets for the Alinea, Eleven Madison collaboration are now officially on sale. It’s called the Twenty First Century Limited. The team from Alinea in Chicago are moving in temporarily into Eleven Madison Park’s space and the EMP staff will be packing their bags for Chicago.

Alinea will be in New York from September 26 through September 30, serving dinner at Eleven Madison Park each of those nights. And Eleven Madison Park will be in Chicago from October 10 through October 14, serving dinner at Alinea each of those nights. The restaurants will still open for regular dinner service.

The chance to experience Grant Achatz’s restaurant comes at a hefty $495 per person plus a 20% service charge and tax. Tickets include the tasting menu and reserve wine pairings.

Alinea recently posted up photos of some of their plans at Eleven Madison. From the looks of it, it’s going to be extremely complex.

The ticket sales were announced on Facebook on Friday and customers have to create an account on the Twenty First Century Limited website to purchase tickets.