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Godiva Launches a Cake-Truffle Line With Duff Goldman | Village Voice


Godiva Launches a Cake-Truffle Line With Duff Goldman


Ace of Cakes fans, some of your favorite creations from the show are now in truffle form. Godiva has partnered up with Food Network’s Duff Goldman to launch truffles with cake-like flavors. The collection, which was more than a year in the making, is inspired by Duff’s favorite cake flavors from Charm City Cakes and is available at Godiva’s boutiques nationwide.

“There’s no cake in there, but they all taste like cake. And that’s the incredible thing about this chocolate,” Goldman said.

There are four flavors: birthday cake, cookie dough, pineapple hummingbird, and butterscotch walnut.

“Pineapple hummingbird is the new red velvet,” Goldman said. “When you eat it, let it sit in your mouth for a good five minutes. First thing you get is a big burst of pineapple. It’s like a good, sweet, ripe, juicy pineapple. Then it starts moving into banana, and then it starts moving into pecan cream cheese. Then eventually, it moves back to banana. The last thing you’ll taste, I promise, four, five, six minutes after you’ve eaten that, you’ll still taste the banana. It’s really, really cool.”

The truffles come in an eight-piece box for $25.


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