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Guess Why Public Nudity Might Get Banned In San Francisco?


Says The Bay Area Reporter:

“A showdown over whether San Francisco should ban public nudity is looming as the issue again rears its head.”

Oh, no. They went with “rears its head.”

“This time,” continues the author, “the tipping point may be due to naked men wearing cock rings.”

Oh, no, they said “tipping point.”

Continues the article: “District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener disclosed…”

Oh, no!!! His name is Wiener!!!

And he’s a different Wiener from the New York guy named Weiner who showed his weiner before he re-bonded with his wife and had that little Weiner!

Anyway, this story is too important to throw out there with silly asides like these.

Please read the whole thing and see how Wiener thinks cock rings on nude weiners in public may be the last straw.

Oh, no, I said “the last straw.”

Thanks to Rex Wockner for the link.

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