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Reverend Moon’s People: “Don’t Call Us Moonies!”


Religions get very touchy when they perceive media slights. (See Scientology, All right, don’t see Scientology.)

So when the New York Times wrote an obit for Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Unification Church leaders got agitated, saying, for one thing, that the paper’s use of the word “Moonies” was very bad form.

In an open letter to the Times‘ executive editor, they say:

“First, you use the term ‘Moonie’ which is discriminatory, bigoted and contrary to your own policy….

“In addition, we want to underscore that using the word with qualifications as was done in your article by saying ‘derisively known as Moonies’ is just as hurtful as if the hate language were used directly as a label.

“Certainly you don’t refer to African-Americans with the caveat of ‘derisively known as n…….ers’?”

In another harsh warning, I’m alerting the press to never call me Roman Catholic!

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