This Is What Happens When You Screw With Central Park Carriage Horses


The man pictured above is Andrew Grossberg, and his face is what happens when you screw with carriage horses — and their handlers — in Central Park.

Grossberg says he was attacked last month in Central Park after he and other anti-carriage horse advocates hassled a horse and a carriage driver. Admittedly, Grossberg made comments to the driver and then tried to take a photo of the carriage’s license plate.

“The next thing I knew is I was being beaten severely and I could not
even stand up to escape from the brutal beating of a deranged horse
and carriage driver,” he says. “Left for dead on the sidewalk outside of Central
Park, I woke up in New York Presbyterian emergency room with a
fractured nose (broken in two places), a concussion, a heavy bruise to
my jaw, and pain radiating all over my body.”

That’s his side of the story, anyway.

Following the August 25 incident, Steve Malone, the president of the Horse Carriage Association — the union that represents horse carriage drivers — told the Voice that Grossberg and another woman were the aggressors.

According to Malone, at about 9:30 p.m. on the night of the incident, the two activists — Grossberg and a woman — followed a driver through Central Park harassing him.
At the end of the ride, Malone says the man punched the carriage driver
in the face — apparently for nothing more than guiding a horse through
the park.
Malone says these types of incidents often go unpunished (which, we learned, is far from the case). He says his group has no problem with protesters,
but that they “step over the line” when they get physical.

The driver of the carriage who allegedly beat Grossberg is Emin Karsavuran, whom the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages says “reacted in an extremely hostile manner” towards activists who also were hassling him just days before the alleged attack on Grossberg. Nobody was attacked in that incident, the group says.

Moral of the story: If you mess with horses in Central Park, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a mangled face.