Baseball Player Had Homophobic Message Written On His Face!


As you may have read, Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar was playing ball on the field Sunday, with the words “Tu ere maricon” weirdly scrawled in his black eye block.

That translates as “You’re a f—ot”!

Well, the guy who posted the photo of this horrid sight–who’s a fan of the team and liked Escobar–has given his reasons for feeling it was important to come forward with it, and it’s quite impassioned.

Basically, he did it because what Escobar did was not right!!!!

It was dumb, lousy, appalling, and extremely uncool, especially coming from a “hero”.

And I have two questions of my own:

Is it possible that the Romney/Ryan campaign advisor doubles as a makeup artist in Toronto?

And don’t you love this biographical bit from Wikipedia?

“Brayan Pena was Escobar’s best friend growing up in Cuba, with the two boys often playing on the same team and sharing bats, gloves, and cleats.”


Anyway, while the team conducts an investigation over this incident, I demand an answer, an apology, and a promise that those messages won’t be blared again.

If not, I’ll write some very nasty shit on my face.

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