Gay Couple’s Wedding Canceled Because of Bad Feng Shui


The owner of Amber Village, a small chain of Asian restaurants, is being sued because he canceled a gay couple’s wedding citing “bad feng shui.” According to the Daily News, Mr. Fong, the senior manager of Amber Village summoned the manager (Tommy Ho) planning the wedding with the couple and told him to cancel it.

“Fong was visibly angry and told Ho that he didn’t want any ‘gay parties’ at Amber Village,” the lawsuit reads. “Fong also told Ho that it’s ‘very bad’ for Amber Village to book ‘gay parties’ and that big groups of ‘gay partiers’ are especially bad for feng shui.”

The couple is seeking unspecified damages. Amber Village — which closed in June — also never refunded their deposit.

However the manager of the Christopher Street location told the Daily News he was surprised by the allegations.

“Feng shui has to do with luck and fortune. It has to do with where do you put your plants and flowers, your furniture. It has nothing to do with who are your clients,” he said.