Pizzeria Launches Pizza Into Space


Cili, one of the oldest pizza chains in the Baltic, sent a Hawaiian-style pizza high into the earth’s atmosphere. It was lifted 30 kilometers into the upper levels of the atmosphere using a special balloon, setting the record for the highest an object has been sent from Lithuania.

The pizza’s voyage was in collaboration with the Lithuanian Airspace Control Centre. With only a 20-minute slot for the record attempt, the center closely monitored the flight to ensure that planes kept out of its path.

According to PRWeb, the balloon burst at three times the height at which planes fly after a two-hour ascent. The exact height that the pizza reached is unknown because the signal disappeared at 33 kilometers above the Earth.

The record attempt coincided with the opening of the world’s first pizza museum in Philadelphia. Check out the video of the cheesy ascent below:

First Pizza in Space! from Cili on Vimeo.


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