The Sophisticates Brings Back The Art Of The Tease


There are two ways a burlesque show should tease an audience: with people disrobing and with a host making fun of you.

The Sophisticates–a revue held on the second and fourth Friday of the month at the Metropolitan Room–readily fills both slots.

Last time around, a quartet of shapely ladies performed saucy and unique strips.

(Shimmery, elastic Maine Attraction is always my favorite. She just goes that extra mile to the point where she could well find herself upside down on your lap, with her nibbly bits right up in your face.)

And the MC, the aptly named Bastard Keith, knows exactly how to be wittily smarmy.

“You look square,” he said to one bespectacled lady innocently sitting at a table. “But sexy square. Like you could do math and then a hummer.”

“Are you biologically female?” he asked someone else between numbers. “It matters not to me. I just like to know.”

And to a guy who’d gotten some interaction with a stripper as she worked the crowd:

“You have the best seat in the house, despite that hideous ’70s porn moustache.”

When another male at the table started guffawing over this, Bastard Keith snapped at him:

“I wouldn’t laugh too hard, Mr. I’m-Wearing-A-Hat-Indoors. Are you from Boston University?”

Maybe, but he still laughed.

This show strips you of your inhibitions.

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