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Husband and wife team TJ and Vera Obias opened their Park Slope bakery about a month ago. Both chefs have plenty of experience in high end pastry kitchens, but at Du Jour Bakery they’re running a neighborhood joint with a low-key, friendly vibe and reasonable prices to boot.

The best of their sweet and savory pastries are playful riffs on American classics. Here are three to try:

The strawberry hearts ($2.50) are delicate, flaky pies filled with house-made strawberry jam and striped with pink royal icing.

The soft everything pretzel ($2.50) is lye-dipped and flecked with all the usual suspects plus a bit of Maldon sea salt. Look for it on the brunch menu as a roll, served with scallion cream cheese and fixings.

Vera Obias tweaks a traditional Danish dough to make these gloriously light buns ($2.75). They’re not too sweet, with just a lick of frosting and a swirl of sweet, cinnamon sludge.

Du Jour Bakery
365 5th Avenue, Brooklyn

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