Brooklyn Book Festival: Celebrate The Craft With 280+ Writers


This weekend, your favorite author is probably reading in Brooklyn (but really, that might not be different than any other weekend). From 10 a.m. To 6 p.m. on Sunday at the Brooklyn Borough Hall and Plaza, over 280 writers will read, discuss, answer questions, and who knows what else at the 2012 Brooklyn Book Festival, the largest free literary event in the city. It’s advertised as “hip, smart, and diverse,” and the lineup seems to prove that lofty claim: Paul Auster, Joyce Carol Oaks, Colson Whitehead, and way, way, way too many more to list. Sunday will be full of everything from massive group readings to genre-specific events and workshops, including discussions on creating characters, honesty in fiction, and lies in nonfiction, among many more. Thousands of booklovers are expected, so do yourself a favor and cherry pick your choice events ahead of time. The full schedule is available online.