Science Says Most Americans Will Be Obese in Two Decades


Another reason why that super-size soda ban might actually be a good thing. A hefty new study about obesity was released yesterday. America is getting fatter, and bulging waistlines will be racking up huge health care expenditures in the next two decades.

Roughly 44 percent of all adults will be obese by 2030. Mississippi leads as the nation’s fattest and in 13 states, the obesity rate could rise past an alarming 60 percent. According to USA Today, the exception is the District of Columbia, which is projected to have an obesity rate of 32.6 percent by 2030.

If America can’t shed a couple of pounds, an estimated $550 billion in health care could be lost. CNN reports that if all adults just lowered their body mass index by 5 percent, states could save billions of dollars.