Shawn McAleese Is Going to Prison for Roughly 30 Years for Stealing Ribs and Booze (And Thousands of Dollars)


Since our prior post about Manhattan tunnel thief Shawn McAleese — who just found out today that he’ll likely be a guest of the state for longer than a convicted murderer — we got our hands on the criminal complaint that details exactly what he stole to earn such a lengthy prison sentence.

The thousands of dollars he stole from at least eight Manhattan restaurants and bars aside, McAleese also swiped two bags of ribs, a bottle of saki, and a sports bag.

And this isn’t McAleese’s first rodeo — he has done two prior prison stints for three other burglary convictions, according to the New York State Department of Corrections website. His latest release date is November of last year — just months before burglarizing multiple businesses.In all — according to information outlined in the complaint, anyway — McAleese stole about $12,000 from various businesses. He also stole “several bottles of liquor,” a printer, three computers, and, of course, the ribs.

As we noted in our prior post, McAleese’s thefts could potentially send him to prison for longer than convicted murderer Joseph Pabon, who was convicted earlier this year of kidnapping and murdering a Manhattan mother of three.

Pabon was convicted on one count of murder, while McAleese pleaded guilty to eight separate counts of burglary, on which he received sentences of three and a half to seven years each.

Regardless, Pabon was sentenced to 25 years to life and will be eligible for parole when he’s about 50. McAleese won’t see a parole board until he’s 71.

So how do you get a stiffer prison sentence than a murderer without actually killing anyone? Just steal some cash, ribs, and booze (having a lengthy criminal record doesn’t hurt, either).