The 2012 Best Picture Nominees Will Be…


Since Miss Cleo was driven out of business years ago, the Gold Derby site had to fall back on asking various pundits like myself to start predicting what will win the Oscar for Best Picture next year.

Alas, I’m still working on last year’s predictions. (The Artist doesn’t have a chance. Trust me! It’s Moneyball all the way.)

But other prognosticators did bravely weigh in with their very early choices, and here’s what they said is definitely, maybe, probably, possibly heading to the gold (sight unseen, in most cases).

One critic said it’ll be The Master that masters the Best Picture race.

Two chose Ben Affleck‘s Argo, an ambitious film which continues to take him a long way from his Bennifer days.

Three picked that musical bleakfest Les Miserables to put on a happy face on Oscar night.

And here are the two tip-top choices, each of which nabbed six critics’ votes:

David O. Russell‘s The Silver Linings Playbook, a comedy with Bradley Cooper emerging from a mental hospital and falling for mystery woman Jennifer Lawrence.

And Lincoln, Spielberg’s exploration of that old warhorse of a President.

I have no idea right now, but I can say with assurance that in five years, Spielberg’s Romney will definitely…not be nominated.

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