Bronx Man Faces Terrorism Charges for Drunken Facebook Death Threat


Just in case you’re considering getting shitfaced tonight and then firing off some angry Facebook posts threatening to kill your boss, you should be advised that you could potentially be hit with terrorism charges, as is the case for a Bronx man who wants his boss to “suck the gun” before he blows his brains out.

Jason Steward, a 29-year-old Time Warner employee, is in some pretty serious shit over the threatening posts, which were posted on Facebook on September 13, and apparently were the last straw in an ongoing dispute with his supervisor over overtime pay.

“There is not a word in the dictionary that can express the rage that im in! I really really hate [the supervisor]!,” Steward ranted on Facebook. “I wish I had a machine gun to give them all the business…I will go to work and blow all them low budget [expletive deleted]

heads off…Make u [the supervisor] suck the gun before I off U [expletive deleted].”

Other Time Warner employees reported the posts to the supervisor, who called police.

When Steward was arrested, he told authorities that “at the time, I was intoxicated and angry.  I would like to put everyone at ease and apologize once again. . . . I never intended to hurt anyone, and words will not express how sorry and senseless my behavior was; I am deeply embarrassed for my stupid actions.”

Embarrassed and apologetic as he might be, Steward is — as we mentioned — in some serious shit; he has been charged with making a terroristic threat and second-degree aggravated harassment. If convicted, he faces up to seven years in prison.

“If an individual posts a threat on a social networking site, it will be treated seriously and

investigated promptly to ensure that the verbal threat does not escalate into physical aggression or violence,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown says. “Workplace violence is a serious issue, and all threats or indications of potential violence will be dealt with appropriately by my office.”

*UPDATE* Steward has been fired by Time Warner. According to company spokesman Eric Mangan: “We thank the Queens District Attorney for quickly investigating this threat. Ensuring our people’s safety is a top priority. Mr. Steward was terminated from Time Warner Cable on September 15, as we have zero tolerance for this behavior.”

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