Chick Fil-A Has Already Fil-ip Fil-opped!


Just a few days ago, word got out that the chain-chain-chain of wings and a prayer had promised an alderman that they wouldn’t donate to anything political–i.e., like anti-gay organizations–anymore.

Then they came out with this statement, which might be considered promising, but is wildly confusing, partly because they lazily repeat the first graph!

And also because they reference “God” and say they want to “strengthen families and enrich marriages” (though there are tons of gay marriages out there, so just maybe they were including those in that idea. I mean just maybe.)

Well, now, guess what, chicken lovers?

They’ve already gone back on their supposed word and supported something anti gay.

It’s not clear whether they funneled money into it, but they were definitely as behind it as Tab Hunter was to Tony Perkins.

You see, the Chick-Fil-A logo was all over materials for the other day’s WinShape Ride for the Family, which benefits a foundation that lobbies against same-sex marriage.

In fact, participants were asked to send their checks directly to the Marriage and Family Foundation!

And Chick Fil-A Prez Dan Cathy gleefully tweeted a photo of the hateful bikers!

Someone who kills animals for a living doesn’t want consenting adults to get married because he’s offended by their gender?

And boasts about this?

And lies about it?

You’re chicken shit, Mr. Cathy.

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