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In Defense of LiLo: Are You Buyin’ Hit-And-Run “Victim’s” Story? | Village Voice


In Defense of LiLo: Are You Buyin’ Hit-And-Run “Victim’s” Story?


Lindsay Lohan is a thief, a liar, and an overall horrible human being. Fact. But with her notoriety as a world-renowned dirtbag comes the reality that she’s a prime target for extortionists who will exploit her troubled past for personal gain.

Enter 34-year-old Jose Rodriguez, who claims LiLo smacked him in the knee with her Porsche Cayenne SUV early Wednesday morning as she slowly drove into a parking garage near a downtown hotel.

Rodriguez claims that after the troubled starlet hit him with her car she simply drove off — a claim that is not supported by video released by the NYPD yesterday.

In the video, Lohan is seen slowly driving her SUV into a garage as dozens of onlookers stand in her way. The entire time, she’s careful not to even touch any of them.

The video doesn’t show Rodriguez getting hit — or any sign that he might have been hit prior to Lohan’s SUV entering the scope of the surveillance camera. It also doesn’t show Lohan speeding away from a “hit-and-run” accident she’d allegedly just committed.

Rodriguez was treated for “knee pain,” though no serious injury has been reported.

The NYPD declined to say whether it thinks Lohan actually hit Rodriguez in a statement accompanying the surveillance video released yesterday.

That said, we’re calling bullshit — could Rodriguez have noticed a wealthy actress with a history of cruising around shit-canned and decided to pounce on the opportunity of a potential lawsuit? Sure seems likely.

And maybe she did hit him, and he is suffering from “knee pain.” But in the video released by police, Lohan was going about three miles per hour — hardly fast enough to cause any serious injury or for Rodriguez to not get out of the way.

Maybe we’re wrong — maybe this is just the latest chapter in the train-wreck of a life that is Lindsay Lohan. But we’re still calling bullshit.

We want to know what you think, though: Are you buyin’ Rodriguez’s story?

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