Is Greta Gerwig The New Johnny Cash?


At the New York Film Festival yesterday, they screened Frances Ha, the Noah Baumbach-directed film in which Greta Gerwig plays a woman who breaks up with a guy, is kind of a likable mess but is maturing, and who has a female best friend who speaks in snappy sentences.

Just like in Gerwig’s last film, Lola Versus!

There are many differences, of course, like the fact that this one is in black and white, so let’s not pit Lola versus Frances.

Anyway, after the screening, Gerwig was asked about her unique acting style; she always seems a lot more natural and unaffected than all the scenery chewers vying for Oscars.

“I’ve never particularly meant to have a different way of acting from anybody else,” she replied.

“I don’t mean to sound like that Johnny Cash line–‘I play guitar like this because I don’t know any other way.’

“I don’t know other ways to act.

“It’s always in the inside and I always have to know why I’m saying things.

The words mean a lot to me.”

The fact that she wrote some of the words (having cowritten the film with her man, Baumbach) didn’t make it any easier, said Gerwig.

She explained that while you know what the result is supposed to be, you still have to get there.

Ah, Greta should stick with what she’s doing, acting wise.

If it ain’t broke…

(And by the way, I just saw The Paperboy with Nicole Kidman doing you know what to you know who, but in Frances Ha, Greta just does it on the subway, like a normal person.


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